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February 26th 2016


Digging deep into The Heart -  A new Season BegIns soon!


LaTrice Strong, President of A'LaTrice Productions and the creator of "Archives of The Heart" Websites is preparing for Season 2.


What can fans of AOTH can expect and you could win a walk on role. Tune in to the interview.



February 20th 2016


DMV's R&B Sensation Devin Messina adventure to Philly to be on "The Voice" 

 Devin Messina travels to Philadelpha, PA brings grown and enlightenment.


December 05, 2016


Bilan stage performance at the Saving ark church brings bright reviews


Bilan perform live. 

December 12, 2016


Kamarah Noel...The new host of the DMV's music Show "The VoX!
Watch out 106 and Park, The VoX! has beauty and brains.

November 27, 2015


Songstress Shirley Herbert's venture to help build future artist

The highly anticipated business will bring life back into performers.


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